Simple Tips For Last Minute Halloween Decor

Simple Tips For Last Minute Halloween Decor

October 21, 2021
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Hi friends, have you been counting down the days til you get to answer the door and see all of the little’s in their creative costumes for Halloween? Have you had your porch decorated since the first of October? Or are you like me, with the countdown to Halloween a week out, and you find yourself scrambling to make your porch festive, so you don’t seem like a scrooge when the entire neighborhood comes knocking on your door ;)? Either way, I hope you find some inspiration in this post.

My younger two boys want me to make my porch look scary, but not too scary. I think the Skulls I picked up on sale at Micheals for just over $4 a piece have just the right amount of spookiness.

Because my front door is so dark, I wanted to make sure whatever I used didn’t blend in. I picked up some white “freaky fabric” from Walmart ($2.98 for 23′ x 67″), put it over the door and held it in place with my wreath hanger. Then I used fishing line to tie the skulls to the hanger.

I wanted to use some branches cut from the empty lot across the street, but they still all had leaves on them, so I used a few bunches of curly willow and put them in my planters. I draped them with webs (I haven’t quite mastered the fake web technique) then I added a few glitter spiders (also from Walmart, $2.98 for a two pack).

I pulled my Lanterns out of storage, no need to dust them off, it adds to the ambiance 😉 Then some funky pumpkins, I love Funky pumpkins! The stranger, the better!

How awesome are these purple mums? They were under $2 a piece, if I forget to water them, no worries, just makes them look even more Halloweenish! Win, Win!

I’ve added new batteries to my flameless candles, they are on timers so they’ll come on every night. I spent very little time or money, now we’re ready for all of the little Ghosts, Ghouls and Goblins!

Happy Halloween!


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