How to choose outfits for family photos

How to choose outfits for family photos

November 13, 2021
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It’s the time of year that many of us are thinking about family photos. I am terrible at having our photos taken, it seems like so much work right? Do you struggle with what to wear? Rememeber the days when everyone wore matching denim shirts? Or what about all white shirts that’s easy right? awkward

I’m sharing some tips today on how to coordinate your outfits without looking like these lovely families (photo’s found on the web) I’m sure they are wonderful people :)
I blame my sister for this post. I was texting her pics of our outfit choices, to get a second opinion. She was getting mad at me because she can’t stand to coordinate family photo outfits. She seems to think there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way she does. Don’t get me wrong, she has amazing style (she should pick my clothes for me every day). There’s just something about trying to put your entire family in clothes that you want to see (on your wall) day in and day out, that can be stressful.

When I am planning on our photos, I usually choose 3 or 4 main colors. My daughter and I have been wearing alot of Olive green and Cranberry colors this fall, so I started off with a few items we had on hand. Once I had those, I did a little shopping for everyone else. Don’t try to shop with zero idea of what you are looking for. If you at least have your color scheme in mind it’ll be much easier!
I don’t have any rules to follow, just start with a few colors. I do try to make sure they won’t completely clash with my home decor if I’m planning on having the photos displayed.
Lay your clothes out so you can tweak things as needed. I changed the outfit my daughter was going to wear twice because she didn’t want to wear what I wanted her to wear. Just try not to overdo it with any one color, or pattern, and dress like yourselves. Not what you’ve seen other families wear because you like their photos :)…..Okay I may have thrown that in for myself, because it’s just so tempting to dress my family like a catalog family.

When I choose our clothes, I try to incorporate a little pattern. In this case I went with a few different Plaids, then added stripes. For the most part, we wore solids, but it’s important to have a little variation. I also added the olive green pants so we weren’t all wearing denim (I might be a little paranoid about ending up like the above family, wink, wink)

Usually I’m a complete control freak about all of the details and what we are all wearing. Something dawned on me this time. I heard my husband tell my kids that I have to tell them which shoes to wear, then he was asking me what shoes he was wearing. I realized that I want my family to be representative of us. Even if that means cowboys boots are involved ;). Not my first choice of footwear, but there’s nothing my son would rather wear. Does it mean I relinquished all control? No way! But I let my kids represent themselves with a little guidance.

Love this family of mine!
Now if it were only as easy to get to the location on time and without a little yelling, that will have to be another post. Not written by me, because I’m the worst! Lol!

Thank you SimplyShelby Photography for the amazing photos!

I added links to our clothes below since these were taken several weeks ago everything is on sale right now!


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