Christmas Entryway!

November 18, 2021
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It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas here!

My entry way is one place that the decor is always changing. Whether its seasonal decor, or I just need a refresh, I’m constantly updating it somehow.

I recently purchased a new table for my entryway, I had a large classic buffet that I loved (you can see it Here), but I was ready for a change after it graced my entry for the last 7 or 8 yrs. I came across this console table from Ballard Designs and fell in love. Its open, airy feel, and long, narrow dimensions were perfect for my entry way. Still I couldn’t help but be a little nervous that I would have a hard time creating a vignette that I love.
My new table is a touch rustic, I wanted to counter that with a little bit of sophistication. I started with my Dear lillie Chalkboard print. Last yr I fell in love with her hand painted sign, but I was a little slow and it sold out. So I bought the download Here, I found a huge mirror on sale for I think $30 (purchase last yr from Taipan trading) I sprayed it with chalkboard paint. Then I had my friend print the download in gold vinyl. The entire project was less than $50, I love the end result so much, I’m almost glad the hand painted signs were sold out (almost).

This fabulous brass and crystal lamp was a birthday present (ok, I totally picked it out) it is such a stunner in person! I just purchased it in October but it’s no longer available (BOO!) you can find a similar one Here.

Black and gold seems to be my favorite combo this Christmas season, it has such an elegant feel. I loved how the office turned out so much I wanted to carry the same look into the entry way. You can find a tutorial on how to recreate this tree a few posts back.

Simple and elegant was the goal, using gift boxes in my decor, and adding wrapping paper as book covers to vintage books was a cheap and easy way to bring the holidays to this space. Target is killing it in the gift wrap department this yr! You can find the box Here and the wrapping paper Here. The Greek Key ribbon is from Hobby Lobby.

I used a gold tray found on clearance at Pottery barn as a boot tray, you can find a similar tray Here,who says it has to be a boot tray? Why not use a tray that can be used somewhere else later :)? The metal presents were purchased yrs ago and repainted silver and gold. You can find the stool Here, and similar rain boots Here. The bust can be used all yr round as well, paired with some cypress trees (purchased last yr at Pier One Imports) and a gold orb, I think she’s bringing a little Christmas cheer.

I asked my sister what she thinks and she said it’s not super “Christmassy” (she loves it though) we decided that’s a good thing. Rather than screaming Christmas, it “whispers” Christmas. Lol, totally my sisters words, we might be dorks ;)!

I’ve included some links for a few more similar items below, but I’m hoping you’re inspired to look around and use what you have on hand to create your style this yr!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment, or come visit me at Instagram for my day to day posts.


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How to choose outfits for family photos

November 13, 2021
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It’s the time of year that many of us are thinking about family photos. I am terrible at having our photos taken, it seems like so much work right? Do you struggle with what to wear? Rememeber the days when everyone wore matching denim shirts? Or what about all white shirts that’s easy right? awkward

I’m sharing some tips today on how to coordinate your outfits without looking like these lovely families (photo’s found on the web) I’m sure they are wonderful people :)
I blame my sister for this post. I was texting her pics of our outfit choices, to get a second opinion. She was getting mad at me because she can’t stand to coordinate family photo outfits. She seems to think there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way she does. Don’t get me wrong, she has amazing style (she should pick my clothes for me every day). There’s just something about trying to put your entire family in clothes that you want to see (on your wall) day in and day out, that can be stressful.

When I am planning on our photos, I usually choose 3 or 4 main colors. My daughter and I have been wearing alot of Olive green and Cranberry colors this fall, so I started off with a few items we had on hand. Once I had those, I did a little shopping for everyone else. Don’t try to shop with zero idea of what you are looking for. If you at least have your color scheme in mind it’ll be much easier!
I don’t have any rules to follow, just start with a few colors. I do try to make sure they won’t completely clash with my home decor if I’m planning on having the photos displayed.
Lay your clothes out so you can tweak things as needed. I changed the outfit my daughter was going to wear twice because she didn’t want to wear what I wanted her to wear. Just try not to overdo it with any one color, or pattern, and dress like yourselves. Not what you’ve seen other families wear because you like their photos :)…..Okay I may have thrown that in for myself, because it’s just so tempting to dress my family like a catalog family.

When I choose our clothes, I try to incorporate a little pattern. In this case I went with a few different Plaids, then added stripes. For the most part, we wore solids, but it’s important to have a little variation. I also added the olive green pants so we weren’t all wearing denim (I might be a little paranoid about ending up like the above family, wink, wink)

Usually I’m a complete control freak about all of the details and what we are all wearing. Something dawned on me this time. I heard my husband tell my kids that I have to tell them which shoes to wear, then he was asking me what shoes he was wearing. I realized that I want my family to be representative of us. Even if that means cowboys boots are involved ;). Not my first choice of footwear, but there’s nothing my son would rather wear. Does it mean I relinquished all control? No way! But I let my kids represent themselves with a little guidance.

Love this family of mine!
Now if it were only as easy to get to the location on time and without a little yelling, that will have to be another post. Not written by me, because I’m the worst! Lol!

Thank you SimplyShelby Photography for the amazing photos!

I added links to our clothes below since these were taken several weeks ago everything is on sale right now!


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How to Decorate your Christmas Tree like a pro!

November 11, 2021
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I am so excited to work with Taipan Trading for my home office Christmas Tree. I have been shopping with them since they were wholesalers, open only to the trade. They opened to the public years ago (YAY) and they continue to add new locations. Taipan Trading has such an amazing selection of unique decor, they also have an awesome selection of high quality trees. I buy all of my client trees from them every yr.
This yr, I decided to use my 10 foot long needle flocked tree (purchased 3 yrs ago at Taipan Trading) in my office. I love it so much, I ended up purchasing a smaller version for my family room. I’m told it’s one of their best sellers.

Today I thought I would do a “How to” post on decorating a tree. I get alot of questions about whether or not I use a process. The answer is yes, sort of…. I always try to be creative with my trees, but I do use similar steps with each tree so I’ll share those today. Hopefully you’ll be on your way to decorating your tree like a pro!

Step One- Set up and fluff branches of tree. You can make any tree feel a lot more full if you take the time to fluff each branch.

Step Two-Add ribbon, in this case I used a metallic fabric from JoAnn I bought several yrds of fabric then cut it in half lengthwise. Then I tucked the unfinished edges under and tucked it in the tree. I never wrap ribbon around the tree. I start at the top, tucking it in and out of the tree. It looks best if it’s a little random. I use ribbon pieces that are differing lengths so they aren’t all cascading from top to bottom, rather some starting in the middle.

Step Three-Add Large ornaments, I separate all of my ornaments into like piles. That way I can add them in groups, which makes it easier to make sure they are evenly spread around the tree. I start with the largest ornaments first, then move to whichever ornaments I have the most of.

Step four-Add florals and picks. Florals make great fillers, they also add visual interest to the tree. I tuck them in anywhere that the ribbon is tucked into the tree. Try using a flower and a pick with cascading stems where your ribbon tucks into the tree it creates focal points on your tree, it can also help your ribbon stay in place. I occasionally use garlands that have added flowers, they are a perfect way to fill your tree. Use the same concept as the ribbon and tuck it in as you go, winding a bit so its not vertical or horizontal. Once you have it in and your ornaments on, you shouldn’t be able to see that it’s a garland or where it stops and starts.

Step Five-Now you’re ready to add the rest of your ornaments. Step back and see where you have openings, making sure you don’t have two of the exact same ornaments next to each other. I also try to put some on the outside branches and some deeper in the tree if possible.

I ended up adding more ribbon after I used all of my ornaments because it felt a little sparse to me. I should follow my own steps because it was definitely more difficult! I hope you learned a few tips, now you’re ready to decorate your tree!

Happy Holidays!

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Fall Fashion Friday

October 30, 2021
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Happy Friday!

I recently did a shoot with my talented niece Morgan Mecham for a Daniel Wellington watch I received. I wanted to share with you some of the details of the shoot. Why am I posting fashion when this is StyleHouse Interiors?  I love fashion as much as I love Interior Design, to me styling an outfit is no different than styling a console table. I want my personal style to reflect my brand.

 I’ve worn this watch everyday since I got it, I ordered the Grace Glasgow from Daniel Wellington, it came with a navy and white stripe band, I also ordered the leather band so it’s more versatile. I’m loving the classic design, you can use the code STYLEHOUSE to receive 15 percent off a Daniel Wellington watch (note: I included the link for the watch but the image didn’t upload) I’ve included links to any items I’m wearing that are available at the bottom of this post.

These boots are my new obsession! I never thought I would wear a pair of over the knee boots, as soon as I tried these on I had to have them. I checked availability and noticed both the shirt and pants are currently on sale!

I believe you don’t have to spend a lot on your wardrobe. I splurge on a few classic high quality items, then save on seasonal trendy items. This scarf is a new fav of mine, I’m sure to get plenty of wear out of it this season, at a price point of under $20, I won’t feel guilty if I don’t wear it again next yr.

A few more photos for fun, this is my beautiful daughter, who was kind enough to tag along and keep us company. I’ll take any time I can get with her (teens seem to find ways to keep themselves pretty busy don’t they?)

Thanks for letting me share my style with you! Comments are now enabled on my blog again so feel free to ask questions.







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Simple Tips For Last Minute Halloween Decor

October 21, 2021
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Hi friends, have you been counting down the days til you get to answer the door and see all of the little’s in their creative costumes for Halloween? Have you had your porch decorated since the first of October? Or are you like me, with the countdown to Halloween a week out, and you find yourself scrambling to make your porch festive, so you don’t seem like a scrooge when the entire neighborhood comes knocking on your door ;)? Either way, I hope you find some inspiration in this post.

My younger two boys want me to make my porch look scary, but not too scary. I think the Skulls I picked up on sale at Micheals for just over $4 a piece have just the right amount of spookiness.

Because my front door is so dark, I wanted to make sure whatever I used didn’t blend in. I picked up some white “freaky fabric” from Walmart ($2.98 for 23′ x 67″), put it over the door and held it in place with my wreath hanger. Then I used fishing line to tie the skulls to the hanger.

I wanted to use some branches cut from the empty lot across the street, but they still all had leaves on them, so I used a few bunches of curly willow and put them in my planters. I draped them with webs (I haven’t quite mastered the fake web technique) then I added a few glitter spiders (also from Walmart, $2.98 for a two pack).

I pulled my Lanterns out of storage, no need to dust them off, it adds to the ambiance 😉 Then some funky pumpkins, I love Funky pumpkins! The stranger, the better!

How awesome are these purple mums? They were under $2 a piece, if I forget to water them, no worries, just makes them look even more Halloweenish! Win, Win!

I’ve added new batteries to my flameless candles, they are on timers so they’ll come on every night. I spent very little time or money, now we’re ready for all of the little Ghosts, Ghouls and Goblins!

Happy Halloween!


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Fall Fashion Friday

October 2, 2021
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Hi friends, can you believe it’s October already? I’ve been toying with the idea of doing some fashion posts, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I post an occasional outfit. I thought as I’m updating my wardrobe for cooler weather, now is the perfect time to start.

I recently received this dress from one of my favorite sites This site has always been a favorite of mine. I have been looking to update my dresses, I wear a lot of skirts and tops, whether it’s for work or church, but I don’t have a lot of dresses. In the summer I love a good maxi dress, so when I saw this dress I knew I had to have it.

I am a huge fan of plaid! When I saw the Everest Maxi dress it was instant love! I followed the sizing chart, (I’m always a little scared of ordering online) I ordered a 6 and it was a perfect fit. I love that even though it’s a maxi dress, it’s still slimming (sometimes they aren’t so flattering with my, um, curves..) Oh and it’s machine washable! double points for this busy mom!

I also love that this dress doesn’t need much in the way of accessories, I paired it with a gold cuff bracelet and my favorite tassel necklace, that’s all it needed. This look is perfect for church, a wedding etc.. for a dressed down version, I thought I would pair it with a denim jacket.

Here are a few of the other dresses I’m still considering

I adore the Clara dress! I may be adding this one to my wardrobe along with a pair of new tall boots.

Hmmm maybe I need the sage zipper dress too?

Well there you go, now you can see why I had a hard time choosing just one to order! I turn 40 next week, so I think more shopping is the only way to ease the pain 😉 Feel free to email me or visit me on Facebook or Instagram with any questions!



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Vintage Inspired Fall Tablescape

September 21, 2021
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I received a beautiful book in the mail last week, called Modern Mix written by none other than Eddie Ross. I could hardly wait to delve into the colorful pages of this beautifully penned book!

If you aren’t familiar with Eddie Ross, he is a talented individual with a love of design, entertaining’ and curating stylish and unique arrangements, using vintage and antique treasures. a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, His list of achievements include working for such names as Martha Stuart Living, and House Beautiful. He is currently the east coast editor for Better Homes and Gardens.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how he honed his skills for treasure hunting, and creating the perfect settings for entertaining. I was inspired to see what I could do with the creative juices that were flowing after looking through the beautiful images in his book! My mind immediately was drawn to a few pieces I owned, I challenged myself to see what I could do with what I had on hand, and adding a few pieces. Here was my inspiration

The first thing I did after reading this book, was head out to see what treasures I could find! I headed to the only place I know to find possible vintage or antique items, our local Deseret Industries Thrift store. Right off the bat I scored this gorgeous Oneida punch bowl for $15!

sorry guys, this is a crappy cell phone pic, at least it’ll make it look that much better when I show you the after photo after I gave it some love 😉

I thought to myself, I loved it so much, I didn’t care if it was worth any more than what I paid. When I got out to the car, I immediately googled Onieda punch bowl and up pops the same exact bowl I purchased (except it was the complete set) for $550 at Say whaaaaaat???!!!! Ok, so I don’t have the set, I know its not worth that much but now this is fun right?!  I’m addicted! I messaged a pic and description to my friend Beth over at she told me it is safe to say it is vintage. I am pretty happy with my purchase and I have all sorts of plans for it, I can’t wait to show you how it looks now!

When I was at the thrift store I also saw some china, I’ve never owned china, I haven’t necessarily felt the desire to either. I have always loved to collect serving pieces, we don’t entertain a lot, when we do, its for our large extended family. I come from a family of six kids, and my husband from 8. Just between me and my siblings we have 23 kids, there are at least that many on my husbands side as well.  We don’t usually have sit down dinners, they are always buffet style. If you find yourself in a similar situation, and you would like to create a beautiful table setting without spending a lot of money, then you will definitely want to keep reading!

Once I felt confident in my punch bowl purchase, I started searching china. I looked in the local classifieds, most of what I found was around $200 to $300. No thank you, I don’t think I would ever be happy with a pattern long enough to spend that much! I’d rather stick with my boring white Gibson dishes that match everything. Besides, I was trying to channel my inner Eddie, I’m supposed to be looking for pieces of interest. The next day I went back to look at the china I saw at the thrift store, it was only $50. You guys! I would spend that much buying 48 pieces at the dollar store! Once back at the store, I looked at the bottom of the china and found the pattern. Once I saw the plates were selling for $15 a piece on this site, I knew I didn’t need to feel any guilt for buying. Eventually I’d like to add pieces that I can mix and match to add interest, but at least I actually own china now!

I stayed up late Saturday night washing my china and polishing my silver, thinking it should feel a lot more glamorous   I was so impressed with how my punch bowl turned out! On sunday I pulled out the other vintage serving pieces I own and got to work setting my table. I should mention, I did inherit a ton of crystal from my grandmother when she passed away so I did have something to start with. But for the most part, I used thrifted items and spent very little.

Here is a view of the china and the punch bowl, I bought an inexpensive bunch of fall flowers from the grocery store to and created this arrangement.

This decanter was a thrift find a while back, I love cobalt blue. The mugs are Ikea, I bought them because the reminded me of blue and white china. I always thought if I did buy china that’s what it would be.

The salad bowl and crystal tongs belonged to my grandmother. I used a pitcher and some ranunculus to add more color. The pumpkin on a pier one stand adds a bit more fall.

I found this crystal vegetable dish for $2, it matches the salad bowl that was my grandmothers. The silver plated tray was .50cents hardly worth losing sleep over if it didn’t clean up well. It’s holding crystal salt and pepper shakers that also belonged to my grandmother.

I may have to keep this punch bowl out all year!

I still need to be on the look out for a few items, I don’t have a table cloth that fits this table yet. I had a fabric remnant so I just folded the unfinished edges and ironed it.  I have silver flatware that also belonged to my grandmother, passed from her mother, I just didn’t get it polished. I think this is a good start with only a few purchases over two days. I Can’t wait to get out and hunt for items to create more interest.

Thank you Eddie Ross for setting me on a journey to curate my own unique style, using what I learned about mixing new and old, shapes, textures and colors. I feel confident now that over time, I can surround our home with beautiful things I love without taking away from my kids college funds

As you can see, my kids will appreciate that too!


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Fall Tour

September 18, 2021
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Happy Friday! I have been wanting to get my fall tour up for a few weeks but alas, life has been crazy busy around here. Fall is my absolute favorite season, it’s a busy time, with back to school, football season, birthdays in our family, etc.. This year I was off to a good start, I even felt ahead, but I didn’t quite finish. I still don’t have my front porch decorated, I am holding out for pumpkins, doesn’t Mother Nature know it’s supposed to be fall? For the last few years, every fall blog post I’ve read the writer says they searched high and low for pumpkins but to no avail. Hmm maybe I’m not late after all since there wasn’t one pumpkin in any of our local stores 😉 by the time they are finally out I’ll have moved on to Christmas! Just kidding (sort of)…

If you follow me on Instagram, I shared my first touches of fall a few weeks ago.

I was feeling the need to bring some warmth into my kitchen, these mums were the perfect addition. However, they were a pain to water, I had to take the arrangement apart each time I watered for fear of ruining my doughbowl. Sometimes I think I have a fabulous idea until later I realize maybe it’s not so great. I’ve since moved on to the current (and hopefully less maintenance) decor of hydrangeas and pumpkins.

I love this dough bowl, it’s extra large at 5′ long, but that also makes it extremely difficult to fill. These hydrangeas were cut from my bushes and dry beautifully, the faux pumpkins and gourds I picked up last yr. Using what I have on hand for the win!

I tried to keep my decor simple and natural this yr, I wanted to use items that would add a touch of fall, but also be useful.

I love white kitchens, I always have, but sometimes they can feel too stark. I brought out my wood cutting boards to warm the space up a bit. This tiered tray is perfect for my kitchen, I fill it with whatever we have on hand. Some times it’s fruit, right now we have potatoes, onions and tomatoes. The tomatoes are left over from the last batch of salsa my husband canned. He loves homemade salsa, for as long as I can remember, he’s grown the ingredients and made his own salsa. I love how my house smells, it’s not fall until he’s made a batch. I’ll try not to complain that I have to scrub my stove for an hr afterword :-/

Now that you have a feel of what we have going on around here this time of yr, I’ll stop rambling and get on with the show. Grab a blanket and something hot to drink and take a tour!

See my last post for entry details and learn how I made this wreath

I bought these flowers for $1 per bunch at the grocery store today. I love them!

More ranunculus, and a gourd I found in the produce department.


I found this gigantic jug at Gordman’s for only $40, I added the crabapple branches purchased at Pottery Barn on clearance this week!

That’s pretty much it for the main level, I’m excited to show you our basement family room, I’ve haven’t posted much of it on Instagram and never on the blog! We’ve been working to get this space pulled together, it’s been pretty bare for the last year and a half. If I get something new upstairs, I move items down here to make room, so this space has been furnished almost exclusively with left overs.

I love navy blue, even more when accented with orange! I found these velvet pillows at homegoods recently and was super excited because I had actually been eyeing some from pottery barn, these were a fraction of the price. We recently finished the ship lap wall and industrial pipe shelving in the kitchenette, I’ll be blogging about that project soon!

All fall touches in this space with the exception of the new pillows, are from items I already had. You’ll see no real pumpkins down here as I would probably forget about them until they rot :-[ Behind that gorgeous barn door is our theater room, we get to have my sons whole football team over for the game review next week, just in time since this space feels so much more cozy Yay!

My friend recently purchased this card catalog chest for me in return for my services, I love it, and her, this wall was completely empty except for the smallish tv until last week. My wonderful husband took a break from work today to start my gallery wall. He who, bottles salsa, builds me my dream home, AND hangs all of my crap (his words) He puts up with a lot around here, I think I’ll keep him!

I’ve been collecting these vintage cameras in the frames for two years, I’m so happy to have them hung! I wonder what stories they would share, if only we could see what they’ve seen!

The fiddle fig leaf tree came home from the grocery store with me, after I went in for a few items, oops! I have been looking for months for a real one here in Utah, it’s not like I was going to leave it there! I had my little car with my so I had to figure out how to fit it in there, but I’m so happy I did! The slouchy basket was a clearance find at Pottery Barn, it’s such a great basket, it’d be a shame if I killed my fig tree. Pray for me that I’ll remember to water it!

Well that pretty much wraps it up for the tour. Thanks for reading along! We’ve been working on getting comments enabled on here, until then, you can reach me through email, Instagram or find me on FB @stylehouseinteriors :)



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Fall Entry Decor & Wreath Tutorial

September 4, 2021
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In my last post, I talked about what’s inspiring my fall decor this yr. I love the warmth of fall colors, reds, oranges, gold, I am lucky enough to live in a state where we can enjoy all of these vibrant colors when the leaves are changing. I love seeing touches of these colors throughout my home, however, this yr I am loving neutrals as well. I have already started using some of my traditional fall decor in my kitchen and family room, but I wanted to do something different in my entry.

I have loved these potted hydrangeas this yr, I’ll be planting them in our yard soon so I can continue to enjoy them. Recently they have started turning and they are so beautiful, I wanted to incorporate them into my fall decor. I decided the best way to do that, would be to use them in a wreath. I’m going to do a quick tutorial of how I created this wreath.

First you will need a large grapevine wreath, this one was $7.99 at Hobby Lobby, you will also need, floral wire, clippers, and a glue gun.

Next you will need a greenery garland, I use it as a filler. I chose this particular one because the leaves have a velvet feel to them, making them more realistic. Also they aren’t bright green, as this is for a fall wreath. I wired the garland to the wreath, manipulating it so the branches stuck out in different directions.

I had an assortment of items to use in the wreath. Dried hydrangeas, sunflowers, faux pumpkins and gourds, lotus pods, and burlap. I try not to use an even number of any one particular item.

After the garland was attached, I added the burlap. Again, it’s used as a filler. I tuck and wire it as I go, I don’t want it to look like I just wrapped it around the wreath. It needs to be a little random.

After that, I like to start placing a few items on the wreath to see if I like how it’s coming together. No gluing yet!

I add everything, and play with it a bit, until I like how it looks. Then I start wiring and gluing things in place. (Not going to lie, I get a little lazy sometimes and if I put a pick in and it feels secure I don’t bother gluing).  Everything I bought was 50% off at hobby lobby, with the exception of the garland, which I used a 40% off coupon on. So in the end, I have a wreath that has items I chose, rather than a mass produced wreath, and it was much cheaper. Also I get to enjoy my hydrangeas for longer. Win, win!

I’m happy with the end result, and I’m loving the neutral scheme in my entry.

I didn’t want to attach the wreath to my mirror, so I used an old window I had, that has a screw in it for these kinds of purposes. The basket is from a local retailer, in it, I used some stems from Hobby Lobby that remind me of wheat.  The gourd and pumpkin on the chair are Homegoods finds, the large acorn is one I’ve had for yrs.

I hope to be sharing a fall tour of the rest of my home soon.

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Fall inspiration in neutrals

September 2, 2021
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I have been thinking a lot about what I’d like to do with my entryway this year. So I started looking through my pins on Pinterest from last yr. There is so much inspiration to be found on Pinterest! One of my favorite bloggers is Jennifer from Dear Lillie. I absolutely love everything she does, I could get lost in her blog posts, or on her Instagram feed all day! I was so inspired by her fall decor last year.

I love her dining room

Her fall decor is simple, yet so inviting

This is making me want to run out today and find some Cinderella pumpkins, and buy some eucalyptus. I am so drawn to this neutral scheme!

Up next is another talented blogger and another of my favorites, Lucy from Craftberry Bush last year I remember coming across her Instagram feed and just staring at all of her beautiful photos. She is such a talented artist! Back then, I didn’t have my Instagram public, and wasn’t posting any of my own decor. I can definitely credit these two and many others, for inspiring me to share my passion. I had the opportunity this summer to meet Lucy when I was invited to speak at Haven Conference. I first saw her in the elevator, later on she told me she thought I was very quiet. I had to tell her it was because I was so in awe that I was actually standing next to her! She is just as kind and beautiful as you would imagine her to be!

Again, I am drawn to the simplicity of her decor

I have some of my hydrangeas drying now, I have enjoyed clipping them and bringing them inside all summer. Now I can’t wait to use them in my fall decor

How gorgeous is her mantle!? She has a tutorial on her blog about how to make that book page wreath.

After seeing this post last year, I started my hunt for glass cloches. The simplest of items look good when displayed in a cloche.

I think you can see where I am headed with my decor this year. I have started a little with my traditional fall colors, but I am leaning towards a neutral scheme.

Stay tuned for a tour of my home dressed up for fall.

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