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Simple and Stylish Shelves

February 3, 2022
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After the Holidays I tend to feel like my decor needs a little freshening up. A good place to do a quick update can be your built in shelves (if you have them) for some people styling them can be intimidating. I thought I’d share with you a few things I look for when I’m searching for items for my clients shelves or for my own. Built in Shelves-Benjamin Moore kendall

I’m a big fan of neutral decor, especially with my charcoal built ins. I put together some of my go to items that will work in any home.
Styling your shelves
click on numbers below for item links
When styling my shelves, the first thing I do is shop my home for books. I gather as many hard back books as I can find, if I don’t have enough, I make a run to the thrift store. I remove the covers and look for neutral bindings. If the bindings are too bright, you can grab a can of light colored spray paint and paint them (make sure you cover the pages). I usually place the books with the pages facing out for a different look. I stack some laying down, and stand others up for variety.
Bookcase styling
Once I have some books in place I add my decorative items, I love to use Goedes, starbursts, brass orbs and frames. Use the slider below for some ideas. Click on photos for source.

Other favorites include decorative trays, and boxes. I have my eye on a few below!

I usually add some faux florals or succulents as well.

I also look for some interest pieces such as ginger jars or a horse sculpture, they are seen everywhere lately.

Built in shelving Benjamin Moore Kendall
Feel free to add some color to your shelves, just keep it minimal for a clean cohesive look. Thanks for stopping by, make sure you sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar for updates!


Custom built ins are painted Kendall by Benjamin Moore/ Sofa info not available/ Drapes custom, fabric purchased at Childress in Dallas/ Leaning mirror Ballard designs.

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All things Shiplap

January 29, 2022
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Todays post is about all things Shiplap! I am slightly obsessed with shiplap. If every wall in my home were covered with it I’d be a happy girl.

If you are joining after watching my segment on Studio5 welcome! I am hoping to touch on a few things I may have missed.
Here’s the segment for those of you who aren’t local
Shiplap+industrial shelving

So what exactly is Shiplap? Shiplap has gained in popularity from HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Joanna Gaines shares my love for shiplap. Fortunately for her, many older homes in the great state of Texas were constructed using shiplap. It was also used in the construction of barns, cottages and anything else that may have used inexpensive materials. (usually rough sawn pine)

Today many different materials can be used to achieve the same look. In the photo above, we used tongue and groove MDF material in our basement kitchen. I knew I wanted to build industrial shelves, but I wanted to add another architectural element. Shiplap was the perfect element to maintain a clean design.

tongue and groove wall

While shiplap boards overlap each other, tongue and groove planks are interlocking. I don’t believe there is an advantage to one or the other unless you are using it as siding on your exterior. In which case tongue and groove would keep out more moisture. We ordered our supplies from our local lumber supply.

Open shelving+shiplap walls

We repeated the look in our main level laundry room. We didn’t have the space for upper cabinets in here, so I opted for open shelves with hanging rods. You can find them HERE along with the faucet HERE and the sink HERE. I tried to convince my husband that ALL the walls needed to be clad in shiplap! He didn’t agree. But I am happy with how it turned out regardless. I wish I had before and after photos to share with you, it was an amazing transformation!


How amazing is this mudroom/laundry combo??? Shiplap+black windows! One of my favorite combinations! I’ll be pinning this as inspiration for our next build. Image via Scout & Nimble.

Where else can you use Shiplap? How about the ceiling?!

Shiplap ceiling

I didn’t have alot of wall space so it wasn’t an option to add it anywhere but the ceiling in here. Because the ceilings in the rest of the open concept floor plan are vaulted, I wanted to add interest by adding shiplap here. Our kitchen is wide but not very deep. The shiplap benefits were two fold, it makes the room feel deeper, while adding an element of design.[You can find the light fixtures HERE.]
builtin bunkbeds shiplap ceiling

We used pine tongue and groove planks in this bunk room for my clients granddaughters, how lucky are these little girls??? The space was fairly small, so we painted everything a creamy white and stuck to neutral tones with pops of color in the accents.


If you’re thinking you need to stick to only using it on the walls, or only the ceiling. Here’s an example where they used it everywhere, and it’s fabulous! [Image via Scout & Nimble]

Because the cost of materials can be $$$ (for us it was a few hundred dollars per space) I found a few tutorials for you that are DIY money savers. I pretty much have ADD so I need less reading and more photos, these ones were perfect.
Table and Hearth
Hooked on Houses

Although shiplap has been around forever, it’s exploding in popularity right now. I can honestly say I’ve never met a planked wall I didn’t love 😉 it’s classic and timeless and works in anything from a cozy cottage, to a high end home. I think it’s here to stay for a while!

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Favorite Christmas gifts and Half yearly sale picks!

December 30, 2021
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I can’t believe another Christmas has gone by, what a whirlwind December has been! I am looking forward to settling back into a routine in January and getting some organization done around here. Before we start a new yr I thought I’d share some of my favorite christmas gifts and also some finds from the Nordstrom Half yearly sale.

Favorite gifts

Christmas was so fun here this yr! My six yr old is at the greatest age, I just love watching him open his presents. He even lost his second tooth, so we had a visit from the tooth fairy on Christmas eve! As far as my older kids go, it always makes me nervous for them to open presents. It’s pretty much guaranteed that something won’t fit. They didn’t ask for much this yr and they were happy with what they got.
I’ll be honest, I don’t personally enjoy opening gifts. Christmas for me is all about giving, I don’t enjoy much being on the receiving end. I did get some gifts that I love though, some were too fun not to share!

My husband and I go to the gym together every chance we get so he knows what I can use. He did a great job picking out some new shoes for me, you can find them HERE. He also got me some new wireless headphones, my life just got a little better 😉 you can find those HERE. I am also LOVING the Savvy Infusion water bottle! I am not great at drinking anything but Dr. Pepper (I’m working on that) the fact that I can add natural flavors to my water helps me to want to drink more. You can find that HERE.

Even though he did a fabulous job picking me gifts, he says I’m hard to shop for so I got a little spending money, which is PERFECT because it’s the Nordstrom Half yearly sale Woot Woot! The first thing I ordered was a blush pink Kate Spade purse, I’ve been eyeing it for a while and it’s on sale! You can find it HERE, blush is one of Pantones top colors for spring, I think we’ll be seeing alot of it (at least in my closet HA!)

Below I’ve linked all kinds of fabulous finds, there were soo many! Remember my Holiday look post? One of my favorite dresses is on sale in 3 colors, I wonder if I need another one?? You can find it HERE, I’m loving the lighter color, it’s perfect throughout the year. I included some beauty products as well, I just got the new Gwen Stefani Urban Decay pallet (LOVE IT) it’s not on sale but worth every penny! I spent years working at make up counters and some of my favorite products have always been Lancome and Mac. Prestige cosmetics rarely go on sale so I’ll be scooping up some of my favorites! I also linked tons of cute boots and of course some active wear (because 99 percent of the time thats what you’ll find me in). I’ve already got some items in my cart, I’ll try to leave some for you all 😉

Happy Shopping!

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Christmas Nights Tour

December 22, 2021
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Hello Friends,

Christmas Nights Tour (1)

I Have another tour to share with you! My friend Rachel Paxton from Maison de Pax invited me and several amazing bloggers (seriously, don’t miss the line up at the bottom of this post) to be a part of her Christmas nights to show our homes twinkling and aglow for the Holidays. Is there anything better than the glow of a Christmas tree? I don’t know about you, but I plan on spending the next week soaking in all of the Holiday spirit I can!

We weren’t able to get to the Christmas lights on our exterior this yr, but our guests still receive a warm welcome on our porch with lanterns filled with candles, nestled in lit greenery.
Christmas nights tour

On the stairs I used battery operated lights in my garland to avoid cords.
StyleHouseInteriors christmas nights tour

StyleHouse Interiors christmas

If you missed my previous tours you can see them [HERE], and [HERE].

This tree is my favorite tree, at night it’s no exception, it’s truly magical in this space.
Christmas nights tour

StyleHouse Interiors Christmas nights

This space sees alot of family time, my kids love to cuddle on the sectional with a blanket, watching tv next to the tree. They may hate the lit garland though, it interferes a bit with the remote control signal lol!
StyleHouse Interiors Christmas nights

It’s too pretty for me to worry about whether or not they can control the volume 😉
Christmas Nights tour

StyleHouse Interiors

Christmas nights tour

My favorite view at night is the reflection of the tree in this mirror.
StyleHouse Interiors

Our kitchen, dining room and family room are one big open space. Even with a sink full of dishes (my daughter went to bed without doing them :( ) the kitchen has a beautiful glow with the cabinet lighting on and a few candles going.

Christmas nights tour

Christmas nights tour

My room is my favorite place to cozy up by the fire and enjoy the glow of my tree! I can guarantee I’ll be spending every night this week sitting in here watching christmas movies, trying to get all of our presents wrapped in time for Christmas!

Christmas nights tour

StyleHouse Interiors

If you look closely below, you can see the snow covered tree tops outside my window.

StyleHouse Interiors

I am a sucker for the reflection of twinkling lights in windows. Our basement corner windows provide the perfect backdrop for our tree.

StyleHouse Interiors Christmas

StyleHouse Interiors Christmas

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tour! Make sure you take the time to check out the line up of talented bloggers below.

Merry Christmas!


For more beautiful, fairy-light inspiration, visit all these amazing bloggers throughout the week!

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Favorite Holiday looks

December 12, 2021
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With Christmas quickly approaching, and all sorts of Holiday activities and goings on, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Holiday outfits with you.
Favorite Holiday dress

I bought this dress last year and it’s been a favorite of mine, it’s classic so I’ll be able to wear it for years to come. It also comes in several colors. You can find it [HERE]

StyleHouse Interiors Holiday look

Another dress I found this yr is from one of my favorite Boutiques Bohme. This dress is so comfortable, I don’t even feel like I’m dressed up!
Holiday Looks
I’m also loving these shoes that I have been able to pair with everything. They are surprisingly comfortable too! You can find them [HERE] Holiday

For date nights, and other functions, I’ve been loving this blouse paired with my favorite slacks you can find them [HERE] and [HERE] and the belt [HERE].

Another blouse on repeat is this one found [HERE]
paired with my favorite accessories found [HERE], [HERE], and [HERE].
Holiday look

I hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season! You can also find all of the items in this post below.


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A Holiday with Heart blog tour

December 9, 2021
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Today I am so honored to be a part of A Holiday with Heart tour hosted by Jennifer Stagg. If you are stopping by after visiting welcome!

You may have seen my first Christmas tour of the yr, posted yesterday. While I hope you enjoy the photos just as much today, I am hoping you will find your self inspired in a different way today.
This post is all about traditions, what traditions does your family Have? What do you look forward to each season? My favorite thing about traditions, is there is no right or wrong. It’s about what you do as a family to make each season special. Each family is unique, even my kids each have a different tradition they look forward to each yr. For my daughter, she knows the Christmas season has come upon us when I pull out my favorite candle.

Many of our traditions are centered around the kitchen. Whether it’s baking my mothers plum cake recipe, or making treats to take to the neighbors. Each season we have many recipes that we just have to make or it doesn’t feel like Christmas!
Every Christmas, I am reminded of my Mom every where I look. She loved the Holidays. She also had a passion for decorating, she enjoyed helping me find just the right items for our first tree as a married couple. Then later on, when I was ready to add a second tree to our home, she would come up from texas with huge bins strapped to their vehicle, filled with items to help me decorate my home for the Holidays (my poor dad, between the two of us, he had no choice but to go along). Six yrs ago, on the day before Thanksgiving, my mom passed away. Somehow it’s always been fitting that she would return to live with our Father in Heaven, as we are celebrating the Birth of our Savior.
We bought as many poinsettias as we could get our hands on for her funeral. It’s now become a tradition for me to fill my home with poinsettias to remind me of the woman who raised me to be who I am today. The woman who taught me compassion, and kindness, who instilled a love of music in me, and the desire to create beauty. I am grateful to have to many positive memories of her during this season.

A favorite tradition of mine that my mother started when I was a teenager was reading Annie and Willies prayer to us every Christmas Eve. My siblings and I get together with our kids and read it every yr. A few yrs ago, my sister came across a recording of my mom reading it to all of us, what a gift! She burned each of us a copy so we will always be able to have her read it to us. You can read it [HERE] or you can purchase a copy [Here].

While my decor may change from yr to yr, I always incorporate the kids “Baby’s first Christmas” ornaments on the tree.

I just finished putting our tree up in the basement. I does have many items that we’ve had for yrs. I almost didn’t put it up this yr, I am so happy I did. I had forgotten how much I love that tree.

If you’re looking for a new recipe to try for the Holidays, we love Plum cake! It makes your home smell wonderful while it’s baking and it’s delicious!

click on the recipe below if you want to try it.

I’ve also linked a few items from this post. I found some cool bundt pans I’d like to try out! I also linked the lanterns hanging over my island since I always get alot of requests about where they’re from.

Next up is Julia from her blog is a must see!

May you have a beautiful Holiday season!

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2015 Christmas tour (part 1)

December 8, 2021
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Yay, the day is finally here that I get to open my home and share my christmas decor with you! I couldn’t be more excited about the line up of amazing bloggers who are participating! Thank you Jen Migonis for hosting the Warm and Cozy Christmas Tour series, and for sponsoring it! This is my absolute favorite time of yr, put on your favorite christmas music and come visit for a while!

I enlisted the help of my youngest guy to welcome you to our home, he was eager to help and had many different poses to show me 😉 I’m going to cherish his willingness as long as I can. I know he’ll be “too cool” to help me before I know it.

My oversized planters can be challenging to decorate in the winter months. This yr I opted to have my husband put a piece of plywood on the top so I could put my lanterns on them. I used a pre-lit garland with a little fresh greens for a natural look. I added the packages and poinsettias for extra color.

Lets step inside, I tend to talk alot when I have company over ;), I’ll try to keep the commentary to a minimum so you can enjoy the tour.

I like to add my garland to the bottom of my stairs, it is different than what you typically see, and it frees up the handrail for my boys.

you can see the full tour and details for my entryway [HERE]
Just off the entry way is our home office. I have been working on this space this yr, and I’m happy with how it’s coming along!
I am also excited for this tree to be featured on today! You can see that post [HERE]. And you can see the full tutorial on how I decorated this tree [HERE]
Moving on to the family room, to save space this yr, I went with a 7.5′ tree. I didn’t want it to be too lost with our vaulted ceilings, so I brought my favorite planter inside (dirt and all) and put the tree in it. I absolutely love how it turned out! My kids absolutely do not love it, they want to know where they are supposed to open their presents.
I ordered these compote bowls from, I know they’ll be a great addition that I can use throughout the yr! You can find them [HERE] and [HERE]

I love how the lights from the tree reflect in the mirror! Mirror is from Ballard Designs you can find it [HERE]

How exciting must it be to be a kid and wake up and be able to see the tree and all of the presents as you come down the stairs on Christmas morning?

If you follow me on Instagram you may notice all of the red additions. It started with one beautiful poinsettia that was given to me by a guest on Thanksgiving (the one perk of hosting, jk) then it multiplied out of control from there. I fell in love with how the red contrasted with the white cabinets! I’ll be sharing more of my kitchen tomorrow, I am definitely keeping the red for a while, as in I think it’ll be making a bigger appearance next yr (see? I’m already planning on next yrs decor!)
I also want to share with you my bedroom at Christmas time, I haven’t shared that space on my blog before and it’s about to go through an update. I kept it simple, by adding feather trees to the nightstands, fur pillows to the bed, a christmas tree in the corner, and a fur wreath to the chair. I do love my bedroom already, but I’m excited to be getting a new bed in the next few weeks!

I’ve linked a few details of my room below. I always get alot of questions about it on Instagram, so I found similar items I hope it helps with any questions.

I have lots more to share! I didn’t get my basement photographed in time for this post, I also have quite a few areas I haven’t been able to get around to sharing on Instagram so make sure you check in on my upcoming posts!

Heres the line up for the rest of this Blogging tour, you won’t want to miss them! And a big thanks to for sponsoring this tour!

Others on the Warm & Cozy Christmas Home Tour hosted by Migonis Home blog

Wayfair Christmas Tour promo photo


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Cyber Monday round up

November 29, 2021
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I don’t know about you but I’ve found some amazing deals this weekend! I rounded up some of my favorites for Cyber Monday.

Shop the links below to see the deals!

Gifts for the Hostess
(use code SHOPOIT for 25% Off everything at Anthropologie HERE
Until sunday night.)

My favorite things are linked below!

Banana Republic is also having a huge sale, 40% off of everything with code BESTCYBER you can shop their sale HERE
You can now sign up for my newsletters in the sidebar!

Happy Cyber Monday! I’ll be here prepping for Home tours coming to my site soon!

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Black Friday shopping for the Home

November 27, 2021
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Good Morning all! Did you brave the crowds for some Black Friday shopping? The low was 16 degrees here last night, so I’m shopping from home in my Jammies! I plan on sitting here, drinking hot cocoa and maybe watch some movies with my kids. Sounds like a perfect day right? I wanted to share with you some AMAZING deals for your home, I seriously want two of everything! Check them out!

Shop the details in the slider below

I’ll be posting through out the weekend as I com across fabulous deals.


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Christmas Shopping guides for the Him/Her

November 24, 2021
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I don’t know about you, but I will be doing alot of my shopping online this yr. I want to avoid the crowds, stay home and snuggle with my family watching Christmas movies! As I’ve been perusing my favorite sites I decided to put together some gift ideas using some of the items I came across that are already on sale. No need to wait until black friday! Oh and I should mention almost all have free shipping!

The first list is for Him, whether you are shopping for a significant other, or a father etc. there is something on here for everyone. I found some amazing deals on Amazon They will be available as of this morning.
I added a Traeger smoker/Grill because that’s been on our wish list, my brother swears by his. He’s making smoked Ham for us for Thanksgiving YUM! There are also a few other items that I know would be perfect for the man in my life.

click on the photos below to shop the items

Of course when I was browsing, I came across several items that are perfect for me! Who can resist your favorite designer handbags on sale?? Maybe you can pass the ideas on to your husband, most men really appreciate not so subtle hints right??? 😉

Do you see anything you love as much as I do? Let me know if you order anything and if you like it! I plan on doing a few more gift guides, so if there’s someone you need to shop for, and are at a loss, let me know. I hope to make this holiday shopping season less stressful!

Stay tuned for some fun blogging home tours coming up, I have so much to share with you!


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